Holy shit i’m in America

Time for a Scottish girl and a Hungarian girl to have a New York adventure.

In 5 days i will be in America.

Fucking hell this is exciting. Bye Scotland. 

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Wild friday night milkshakes


Occasionally I remember this video exists and it sums up so much of my experience of being dragged to resale stores with my mom

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We ordered ALL of the food

Now that the Fringe festival is over i can relax, drink wine and not move from the sofa for a while.

I can also finally finish Breaking Bad, although i may cry. Yes i know i’m 76 years late to the Breaking Bad party. 

I’m not sure i can handle how bright this lipstick is. PURPLE MOUTH POWER.

Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)

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Why does everyone feel the need to inform small people that they are small.

Yes, i am aware. I notice this on a daily basis when i look up everyone’s nostrils and can’t reach the top shelf.